How to Apply Makeup on Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are described as when the eyelids are hidden by the upper eye area. The goal here is to lift the upper eye area that is drooping so that the eyes appear similar to the almond eye shape.

Practical Steps


The following items from our Makeup Kit will be used: Eyeliner Pencil, 221 All Over Eye Blender Brush, 219 Precision Crease Brush, 204 Crease Brush, 15 Color Eye Shadow Palette- Neutral


Take your Eyeliner Pencil and apply it on the eyebrows, beginning from the thickest part moving to the end of the eyebrow.


Take your 221 All Over Eye Blender Brush and apply a white, beige or cream eye shadow color over the entire eye area.


Take your 219 Precision Crease Brush and apply a light eye shadow color on the eyelids.


Take your 204 Crease Brush and apply a medium eye shadow color over the hooded area.


Finally, use a brown or black eyeliner pencil and draw a very thin line into the upper eyelashes.


Also use your Eyelash Curler and Mascara when applying makeup on a model. Additionally, you can run a white eyeliner pencil on the inside of the eye just to make it bigger.

by Anneke la Grange