8 Eyeliner Mistakes You Need To Stop

Sometimes you just need to ask for help. The majority of us learned our first makeup hacks from older sisters, cousins, mother figures — but that doesn’t mean we learned the easiest or necessarily correct way to apply our products. Eyeliner has its fair share of “oops” moments that we can help minimize when we are open to expanding our knowledge and technique. If you’ve ever accidentally stabbed yourself in the eye, resulting in unsolicited tears and smeared mascara — you’re not alone! Here are 8 tips to help you avoid eyeliner blunders in the future!

1. Stop Applying and Driving

If you do this, take this as your sign to STOP. But mostly, stop any type of movement while applying. If you’re in a hurry, tired, and on the go, then you probably apply with a shaky hand. If you suffer from a shaky hand and can’t seem to draw on a straight line, regardless of eyeliner type, it’s time to try a different technique. Sit down, rest your elbow on a flat, solid surface, and allow your pinky to rest on your face while the rest of your hand applies your eyeliner. This creates a stable foundation from your elbow all the way through your palm, lessening the chance for the shakes. In addition to the tired, hurried, theme – here’s a way to Make Under Eye Bags Disappear to compliment your new smooth lines!

2. Stop Treating Liquid Like Pencil

Liquid eyeliner takes a bit more delicate application. If you find yourself swishing your brush from one side of the lid to the other, with a mess following behind, then try this instead: dab on liquid dots across your eyelid, then just like when you were a kid, slowly connect the dots one portion at a time. At the end you will have the shape you were looking for all along, without the mess to clean up.


3. Stop Pulling Your Skin To The Side Of Your Face

We’ve all done it. For some reason we think that stretching our eyelids out will make it easier to apply the eyeliner — when in reality it causes the makeup to bunch up and overlap once we release the lid. Instead, apply the eyeliner without the stretch, and use a q-tip soaked in makeup remover to clean up your line if you get a little messy.

4. Stop Passing Up The Primer

Primer is an eyeliner lifesaver. Seriously, this little product can save you a lot of headache if you just bite the bullet, swallow your pride, and put it to use. Apply primer before the eyeliner, and your pencil, liquid, or gel goes on smoothly and LASTS much longer. Not to mention, you can use the primer to to fix or conceal smudges afterwards.

5. Stop Believing You’re Doomed To The Messy Line

Maybe you’ve tried the above tips, you’ve stabilized, used primer, and stop contorting your face, yet you still end up with messy lines. THAT’S OKAY! Draw on your messy lines, and then clean them up with a little petroleum jelly. Just like the primer, dab a little onto a cotton swab, and erase everything on your eyelid that isn’t supposed to be there.

6. Stop Settling For Splotchy

Ever get caught out and about with eyeliner that has broke/spilled/leaked/or just plain ran out of product? Or better yet, you’re using a pencil and all the sudden part of the pencil feels hard and does NOT apply no matter how much you shave off the tip? Don’t keep pressing the same broken or empty eyeliner on your lid, settling for splotchy lines. Instead, grab some black (or whatever color eyeliner you are using) eye shadow and fill in the spaces to clean up the entire look. You can wet a small brush to your shadow, creating a sharp look like liner. You can use this in emergencies, or to enhance your everyday eyeliner!


7. Stop Ignoring Your Upper Lash

So you love lining your lower lash — it’s easier, you’re good at it, and you’re used to the look. But did you know that only lining the bottom and leaving the top creates an unbalanced look? Most of us go darker on the bottom; lining the top with a lighter color will provide a more youthful, lifted effect while the bottom will give definition to the entire eye. Maybe you ignore the upper lid because they seem to vanish — no worries — we have you covered here too . Learn How To Apply Makeup For Hooded Eyes.

8. Stop Closing Your Eyes When Applying

Why do we do this? We need to be able to see! But somehow we are convinced that if we close one eye we will be able to apply perfectly. Do you walk around with your eyes closed? The way you apply when the eye is closed is not how it will look when the eye is open. If you keep your eyes open you can see where the creases fall, helping you keep the eyeliner even on both sides instead of lopsided.

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