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Ahmedabad makeup trainingAhmedabad, also known as Ahmadabad, is the sixth largest city in India. The population is around 6.5 million, to give you an idea of how populated the bigger cities in India must be. Many people nowadays opt to follow makeup courses in Ahmedabad. This is in part due to the ever increasing number of Indians migrating to western countries and demands hence rising, but also because Bollywood has become very popular and many want to find makeup lessons in Ahmedabad to learn how to do this type of makeup.

If you are looking for makeup schools, there may be a few things you would like to know about the city before deciding whether this is the place that you want to go to. Summers are incredibly hot. So much so, in fact, that people are advised not to come to Ahmedabad during the summer months, particularly May, when temperatures have been known to reach 111.2 degrees. Ahmedabad also experiences the monsoon seasons, which is why you may be best to follow makeup courses during the winter months, when temperatures are the most pleasant and rainfall is not as excessive.

Getting around Ahmedabad is best done by rickshaw. India has some of the world’s toughest roads, with a complete disregard for traffic laws and pedestrians. Hence, traveling with someone who is familiar with the traffic and how things work – i.e. a rickshaw – will be your safest and most comfortable option. Not to mention that a trip to India would never be complete without this form of traveling. If you rather want to find a makeup artist, then please visit our directory that showcases makeup artists in Ahmedabad.

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VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition
The VLCC Institutes were established with the objective of rendering skilled professionals to the industry and helping students carve a niche for themselves in this creative world.

Tel: 079 4003 7700
A / 16-17-18, Circle B, Opp. Honest,
Bodaldev, S. G. Highway,
Ahmedabad – 380 054

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