Beauty Blunders that Cause Premature Aging

Aging is a fact of life and is unavoidable. Even skin with genetic advantages experiences signs of aging such as wrinkles, pigmentation and such. Inevitable as aging might be, you can certainly delay it. All you have to do is avoid beauty blunders that adversely affect the skin.

Next time you see someone with a beautiful healthy looking skin, don’t assume she’s just lucky. She’s probably applying all of these tips on a daily basis.

What you eat is what you get

1.Poor diet equals poor health. There is no argument about it. A diet deficient in vital nutrients, a diet that largely consists of processed foods clearly shows in skin that is lackluster and prone to premature wrinkles.

2.Consumption of excess sugar, refined flours and foods loaded with junk calories don’t do your skin any favors.

3.If alcohol is part of your regular consumption, then it will show up on your face in the form of puffy skin, wrinkles and under-eye bags.

4.A diet lacking in fruits such as berries, oranges and other citrus fruits, and deficient in nuts such as almonds will in the long-term affect your skin in a negative way as these foods are good for your skin.

5.If you are prone to yo-yo dieting or have suffered rapid loss of weight over a short period of time, it will lead to sagging skin. You can’t lose fat and weight without losing it from your facial skin as well. So slow and steady weight loss is the way to go.

Hydration is the key

1.Our body requires water for its functioning. Lack of adequate water intake results in unhealthy skin.

2.Water helps flush out toxins from the body leading to a clearer skin. It also makes the skin supple.

Smoke away your healthy skin

1.Smoking cigarettes over a long period of time not only affects lungs in a negative way but it also is your skin’s enemy.

2.Nicotine and tar from cigarettes hinder the skin renewal process thus making the skin appear patchy and shallow.

3.Though the harmful effects of cigarette smoking is stopped as soon as the habit is quit, and the aging of the skin can even be reversed to some extent, the skin won’t be the same after years of abuse.

Damage from the sun

1.Sun is essential to life, but daily or regular exposure to harsh rays of the sun harms the skin in ways that can be really frightening. This is because of the harmful effects of the UVA and the UVB rays of the sun. Exposing skin to sun is best in the early morning and evening when impact of UV rays is least.

2.Sunlight can lead to severe burns that can leave skin permanently damaged in severe cases.

3.Not using sunscreen when the skin is exposed to the sun is one surefire way to premature aging, especially if you are spending hours on the beach.

4.Using the right sunglasses is so essential for protecting the eyes. However, for maximum benefit, use shades that provide at least 90% UV protection. This is a good habit as wrinkles under and around the eyes can age you profoundly even if the rest of your face is relatively free of wrinkles.

5.Excessive time spent in the sun can make your skin vulnerable to skin cancer.

Not using the right products

1.If you are at the beach swimming, using a sunscreen that is not waterproof serves no purpose. It is sheer waste of money and gives your skin no protection whatsoever. Even if you are swimming indoors, water from the pool is not good for the skin and would require extra care.

2.Not hydrating skin daily with the right moisturizer suited for your skin type is asking for wrinkles prematurely.

3.Use of anti-aging products with the right ingredients such as retinol or vitamin E is always a good practice once you enter your thirties. Not doing so is only adding years to your face.

4.Apart from using the right products, it is also imperative to give these products time to work on your skin. A genuine product works over a period of time. Frequent change of products for no reason other than the fact that it did not offer a miracle cure within a week is a waste of money.

Lack of rest and sleep

1.It might be unreasonable to assume that all of us can get at least eight hours of sleep every night. However, lack of sleep for a period of time will show up on your face as tiredness takes its toll.

2.Some sleeping positions are not as conducive to skin health. Always sleeping on your side or on your tummy is not as good for the skin as sleeping on your back. However, some sleep is better than no sleep or uncomfortable sleep. But sleeping positions do affect our skin in the long term though not alarmingly.

An inactive lifestyle

1.If regular exercise is not part of your regular routine, then it should be! Physical activity is as much a need for a slimmer waist as it is for a glowing skin. Failure to include a workout into your routine is denying your skin some much needed blood flow and cleansing. You might not need exercise for your body but your skin can do with it even if you are blessed with a slimmer body.

2.The blood flow from physical activity helps in skin renewal process by nourishing it with extra oxygen.

3.Blood flow also purifies the skin by forcing out the toxins and clearing away free radicals.

Stress is not your friend

1.Anxiety, worry, stress is not good for us in any way. In terms of skin, stress leads to acne, dullness, and rashes.

2.Stress impairs the outermost layer of skin making it susceptible to harmful germs. This can lead to severe skin problems like psoriasis.

If you apply the above tips to your lifestyle, you will surely be that “lucky” girl with the great looking skin.

Please give your comment below and any advice you have to get a healthy glowing skin and to prevent premature aging.

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