Ashleigh’s Makeup Kit Review

Posted in: Student & Alumni- Nov 11, 2016

As a Makeup School, not only do we pride ourselves in our curriculum, but our customized Makeup Kits make all the difference to beginning students stepping into their new career. Like anything you do, investment comes before profit. How do you know if a makeup kit is right for you to invest in? Is a […]

Winter Skin Care Tips

Posted in: Pro Makeup Artist Tips- Nov 08, 2016

Ahh, summer. Sun-kissed, natural oils, humidity, and that healthy glowing skin. For a lot of us, skin care just seems easier in the summer — light layers, sunscreen, cooler showers, a nice breeze. By the time we get to winter, we are surprised every year how our skin seems to morph into an almost completely […]

A Makeup.School Refresher

Posted in: Pro Makeup Artist Tips- Nov 03, 2016

Thanks so much for staying on our list, you won’t regret it! You might be wondering what makes Makeup.School different from other online professional makeup artist programs. We don’t want you to miss out on one single incredible detail, so we’re laying it all out here for you. Everything you need to know about Makeup.School (including […]

Makeup Tips for Hooded or Droopy Eyes

Posted in: Pro Makeup Artist Tips- Nov 01, 2016

We are all different, which is a beautiful thing. Like every other part of our bodies that range in all shapes and sizes, the eyes are no exception. No matter the shape, every eye is beautiful and can be beautifully made up with makeup — some just may need more of a tweak in the […]

Lighting Tips For Makeup Photography

Posted in: Your MUA Career- Oct 27, 2016

We all have those days where we look in the mirror, then look again thinking “I look GOOD!” (followed by the expected selfie…of course). But have you ever taken a picture of some really amazing scenery, the landscape is breathtaking, but when you look back on the picture it is nothing like you experienced in […]

How To Start A Beauty Blog

Posted in: Your MUA Career- Oct 24, 2016

You’re living your passion. Every day you’re learning new techniques, creating beautiful visions, finding shortcuts and tricks to solve everyday makeup problems, as well as creating unique looks for special occasions with your makeup artistry skills. You want to tell everyone you meet about all the ideas swirling in your head, and your friends and […]

Makeup Tips For The Mature Woman

Posted in: Pro Makeup Artist Tips- Sep 22, 2016

Life gets better with age. We’re wiser, stronger, more emotionally, financially, and relationally stable. We know ourselves, we know what we like, we know what we do not like. We act differently than we did in our 20’s. We are attracted to different things. Our mind and body crave different things. Our interests shift and […]

Exclusive Members’ Community

Posted in: Makeup.School Education- Sep 13, 2016

You’ve heard the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together”. It’s a saying for a reason — because no matter who you are or what you do, we flourish when we have support and work together. This is a basic human need and concept, we thrive in relationship. We especially thrive in relationships that support […]

How To Get Makeup Discounts

Posted in: Your MUA Career- Sep 11, 2016

As any artist knows, top of the line tools are essential for top of the line results. Yes, technique is important, but the quality of the products you use is just as important. Every makeup artist would love to have an arsenal of amazing products, but that can get quite costly. You want to be […]

The Role Of A Makeup Artist In A Fashion Shoot

Posted in: Your MUA Career- Sep 02, 2016

One of the fastest ways to quickly grow your professional makeup artistry experience, portfolio, creativity and exposure, is to branch out into fashion shoots. Whether or not your end goal is to be a high-end fashion shoot makeup artist, the experience is beneficial for any up-and-coming artist. But before you can have the experience of […]

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