Makeup.School Review: Barbara Mecs Balogh – Ireland

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We absolutely love hearing about our students’ experience with us from around the world! A huge benefit with joining Makeup.School is that you can study from anywhere, at anytime…it’s completely self-paced. Here’s Barbara’s experience all the way from Ireland. Name: Barbara Mecs Balogh Location: Ireland Age: 26 FB: Barbara Mbalogh Are you a graduate or […]

Makeup.School Review: Erika Poline – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Name: Erika Poline Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Age: 19 Years Old FB: Erika Makeup Artist IG: _ErikaMakeup Are you a graduate or current student of Makeup.School? I’m a graduate from Makeup.School. What inspired you to become a makeup artist? Makeup for me is an art, it’s a way of life. I have always liked makeup. […]

Makeup.School Review: Andrea DeMaio – Idaho Springs, Colorado

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We are always so inspired from our students around the world! No matter where they are from, we absolutely love hearing feedback about their experience with us. Like Dippalli from Birmingham, Andrea has a lot to share. She is a perfect example that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to! Name: Andrea DeMaio […]

Makeup.School Review: Dippalli Naik, Birmingham United Kingdom

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Once again the UK is showing love for Makeup.School! We adore hearing from students around the world, and watching them learn and grow into their potential. One of our favorite aspects about our online school, is the benefit of being able to reach so many amazing people and cultures. The skills we share cross borders […]

Makeup.School Review: Kamila Khaydarova, United Arab Emirates

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One of the things we love about makeup, is it’s worldwide connection and influence. Makeup Artistry crosses countries, races, and people all around the world. What’s unqiue about an online makeup school (aka Makeup.School) is the ability to cross lines with the makeup. We have students around the globe, and no matter where they are […]

Ashleigh’s Makeup Kit Review

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As a Makeup School, not only do we pride ourselves in our curriculum, but our customized Makeup Kits make all the difference to beginning students stepping into their new career. Like anything you do, investment comes before profit. How do you know if a makeup kit is right for you to invest in? Is a […]

Makeup.School Review: Bobbie Harvey UK

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Name: Bobbie Harvey Location: London Age: 21 FB: bobbie.harvey.792 IG: bobbieharveyuk What made you choose Makeup.School over other online makeup artistry programs? I find most online courses way over priced and very difficult to progress through due to lack of information and over complicated procedures! Makeup.School popped up online somewhere and I took a nosey and […]

Alumni Feature Series

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Name: Reslie Mundwiler Location: Zurich, Switzerland Age: 37 Business: Facebook, Instagram, Website What inspired you to become a makeup artist? I’ve loved makeup since I was small. My mom used to sell makeup from Avon and I watched how she applied the makeup to her face. I love colours and that is also where I get […]

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