Colorado Springs Makeup Courses

Colorado Springs makeup trainingColorado Springs is large city in Colorado. Only Denver, the capital of the state, is bigger. Hence, if you are looking for makeup courses in Colorado Springs, you should have no difficulty in finding institutions that offer such courses. Many people who are interested in makeup schools in Colorado Springs do so because it is such a beautiful area, with fantastic mountain views.

If you are thinking about taking up makeup lessons, you will probably want to know how to get around and what else to do whilst you are there. Getting around is best done by car, and if you don’t drive there are plenty of taxi services that can ferry you about. You could also use the Colorado Springs Transit. One of the things that should not be missed if you are there are the Gardens of the Gods. These are sandstone formations that really are a wonder of nature.

Colorado Springs is a reasonably safe city, but there is a high rate of deaths caused in automobiles. The Southern part of the town is the least safe and it is not advisable to spend time there alone after dark. It is important to be aware that because of the army base, many young people are attracted to Colorado Springs, and these can be slightly rowdy at times. However, Colorado Springs is very well policed, which also means you should take particular care to not speed whilst you are in the car. It is also a very energetic city, so you are sure to have a brilliant time. If you rather want to find a makeup artist, then please visit our directory that showcases makeup artists in Colorado Springs.

Makeup Schools in Colorado Springs

Makeup Schools Colorado Springs

International Salon and Spa Academy
Esthetic training offers a short path to ever expanding career opportunities along with financial stability and flexible schedules.

Tel: 719-597-1413
5707 North Academy Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
United States

Makeup Courses Colorado Springs

The Salon Professional Academy
We have a variety of programs that are designed to develop your professional skills while teaching you about the salon business.

Tel: 719.266.9400
4388 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
United States

Makeup Lessons Colorado Springs

Paul Mitchell The School
Full service salon and beauty school that provides the most advanced cosmetology training possible.

Tel: +1 719-636-1426
118 West Colorado Ave,
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
United States

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