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Members Group Top BannerYou’ve heard the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together”. It’s a saying for a reason — because no matter who you are or what you do, we flourish when we have support and work together. This is a basic human need and concept, we thrive in relationship. We especially thrive in relationships that support our path. That’s why, whether you’re a new makeup artist making your own way in the industry, or a well-established makeup artist consistently branching out and evolving – we’ve got you covered.

Makeup.School Members have exclusive access to around the world support, makeup tips, real life advice, course help, and a sense of community and friendship with other MUA’s! No matter where you are, you are always connected to a tribe who understands the challenges and experiences, and celebrate the success and fun.

We are truly grateful to our community and the support we can give our members and most importantly what they give each other! Our Members Only Facebook Group is where students can ask questions, share tips, insights and success, give feedback, and build relationships.

Makeup.School member, Tashi McDonald, recently posted (with a gorgeous picture) “I get so much love in this group! I just want to say thank you all so much for your support and all the beautiful comments on my pics!”


Because the group is such an active community, students are comfortable reaching out for real life advice. Amanda Giordano, student, posts:

“Wedding makeup I did yesterday. I hope it held up all night. Any tricks for keeping the brides makeup in tact through the tears, heat and humidity? Do you bring your own lighting and seating if you’re traveling to them?”

Amanda G

Members also ask for critiques and suggestions, along with course help. Here are a few examples so you can have a sneak peek into the exclusive members only group…

Melissa Okereke asks for advice on what foundation and translucent powder other members recommend…

Melissa O

Samantha Dalton posts, “The more I learn, the more I feel comfortable to experiment! I have never ever worn black eyeshadow before, but I’m pleased with the result. It’s so much different when you learn to use the tools and techniques to get the best results ?? practice makes perfect!”

Samantha D

Tywania Phillips posts her knowledge on what makeup companies will give student discounts. “Hello everyone! Just an fyi, there is a list of companies that will give you a student discount. If you obtain a letter from the school (proof of enrollment…just shoot them an email), you can apply online. Many of the companies respond right away.”


Lindsey Holden wants concealer tips that won’t break the bank…

Lindsey H

Not only do students post and answer anything and everything about makeup, they inspire and encourage each other on the journey. Graduates are announced and celebrated in the group, encouraging conversation and relationship building.

Nicole K Certificate

Gemma Howes sums it up with “I paid for my course over a year ago but have not started. I’ve been looking to all your posts now that I’m in a position to get started, and I cannot wait! You are all so inspiring!”

Gemma Howes

And of course everyone loves to share their looks when they’re playing around with new fun and playful palettes!

Students Experimenting

How much more successful would you be if you had a place where you could have constant support, answers to questions, and camaraderie on your life path? Join Makeup.School to be a part of our MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group, and join our family to success.

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