How much money can you REALLY earn as a Makeup Artist? It might surprise you!

One of the top questions we get all the time is “Can I really earn a good living as a makeup artist?” The answer is “Absolutely, YES!” While there are people out there who think all makeup artists do is play dress-up, those who are in the business know the truth. We’re called artists for a reason. With professional makeup training, the possibilities are endless.

There are a number of factors that determine what salary you will make as a makeup artist, the first of which is formal training. If you are serious about working in this field on a large scale, you want to invest in some type of formal education and training, like a Makeup School Certification. The information you learn through our program is invaluable. You are guaranteed to use everything you learn in our makeup artist course every day you work as a makeup artist. You will also be working alongside professional makeup artists who will discuss their tips and share their experience with you. These benefits of formal education and training will put you well above others without training when it comes to hiring and increase your pay rate as well.

Next, your level of experience will definitely play a role in how much you make. As with any other career field, the more experience you have the more money you make. It’s important to remember not to get discouraged when you are first starting out. All of us had to do our fair share of time in the trenches before we started landing the bigger jobs and getting paid more. Work hard, get your name out there, and you will see a substantial increase in pay in no time.

Another factor that will weigh into your salary is where you choose to work. Makeup artists who work in salons make a significantly lower amount than those who work in television, with professional performers, movies, or media. Some artists choose to focus more on private services and only book weddings, trial sessions, fashion shows and other such events. These artists build their client list quickly and can wind up making bank and working only a few days a week. Having your online makeup artist certification will help you become more marketable so you can have your choice of career paths and can have more control over your income level.

Now, let’s talk money. A recent article on states that, “The average hourly rate is $32.49 and annual salary is $67,580.” They also go on to say that depending on who you choose to work for, you can make as much as $117,000. As we mentioned earlier, makeup artists who choose to work in salons will make significantly less: roughly $15 per hour or $21,000 per year. These salary averages do not include tips.

The best news is that the field of makeup artistry is growing at a rapid rate, about 13% annually. If you live in Georgia, New York, Florida, California, or Texas you will see salaries on the higher end of the spectrum and should have an easier time finding a job.

Whatever you feel your particular area of expertise is in the makeup artistry field, you will certainly be able to find work and make a very good living. Remember, formal education and training, experience, and where you choose to work are all important factors that will determine your income level

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