How to Apply Makeup for Vanishing Eyelids (Hooded Eyes)

When talking about the eye region, it is very important that you know your eye type as this will be your guidance on how your eye shadow should be applied. There are quite a few eye types and the way you apply makeup on each eye can differ quite a bit from one another. Our Makeup Training Center includes training videos for each eye type.

In this article we will be discussing makeup application for vanishing eyelids and what would be the best application to accentuate them and make them appear bigger. Hooded eyes can be identified by eyes that don’t have any visible eyelids. You will only see a brow bone and eye area, but no eyelid and defined eye crease. If you are one of the ladies with vanishing eyelids, then you’ll notice that your eyelid is almost nonexistent when your eyes are closed. Many Asian women have this eye type.

So here are the tips for the makeup application:

1. Eye Shadow and Eyeliner Tips

Eye Shadow TrioThe vision here is to create depth on a vanishing eyelid. You can’t create a crease on an eyelid with no natural crease at all. The key is to create definition over the entire eye area.

You will have to get an eye shadow set which contains a light, medium and darker shade of eye shadow such as this one. The medium color will act as your base color and this you will apply over your entire eye area. Take the darker color and apply this gently to the eye socket region. This color must be blended in well so that there are no visible lines or hard edges on your eye. Lastly, the lightest color should be applied just underneath your eyebrows, on your brow bone and this color will act as a highlighter to brighten up your eyes.

When it comes to eyeliner it is best to apply it as close to your lash line as possible and it should be applied very thinly. Stick to a light line on the upper and outer lash line and if you want to apply it at the bottom as well, remember that the line should be very fine. For beginners its best to use pencil eyeliner as you can control the thickness of the line, but if you are good at using liquid eyeliner, then you may use that as well.

2. Mascara Tips

Eyelash CurlerA must-have item when you have vanishing eyelids is an eyelash curler. Your eyelashes must always be curled before you apply your mascara as this will create longer lashes which will then “open up” your eyes. In other words, it will make your eyes appear bigger. Apply your mascara in zigzag movements on the top lashes and, if desired, a little to the bottom lashes. False eyelashes to the top lashes also create a much desired look, so be on the lookout for ones that have a very definite curl in them. You can even play around with some colored mascara as well, but make sure that the color you choose compliments your eye color.

Lastly and very importantly, you must always have well groomed eyebrows shaped in a soft arch. This will have a big effect on how your eyes look. Make sure that you pluck out any unwanted hair on your brow bone and in-between your eyes, so that your eyes appear bigger.

If you’re already a member you can see the full training video for “How to Apply Eye Shadow on Hooded Eyes” here.

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