How to Make Under Eye Bags Disappear

For those of you sitting with this problem, you might find it funny to hear that there are a lot of women who suffer from this ailment. Under eye bags are recognised by the puffy area that is found just below your eyes and it can really make you appear down and droopy, causing you to look much older than you are. This, however can cause a lot of stress… and by stressing, you are only making matters worse.

Now you do not have to feel that way anymore! These tips will surely give you your self-confidence back and make you feel like a million dollars!

Before knowing how to cover your under eye bags, you must also have a look at the causes.

The skin around your eyes is very delicate and therefore you will also notice the first signs of ageing around this area. When you see the signs of ageing under your eyes, you will also notice that the fluid retention and fat also appears more prominent around your eye area. If your mom and her mom have under eye bags, then the chances are good that you will also have them, because heredity does also play a role. If heredity does not play a part in your case, then there are other factors to look at, such as:

Under Eye Bags: Less Coffee1. A lack of sleep and fatigue (if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep for some time)
2. Hormonal imbalances
3. Iron deficiency
4. Caffeine addiction
5. Weak cheek muscles
6. Sinus infections
7. Thyroid or kidney problems
8. Any food allergies
9. Dust allergies

Drink water for under eye bagsAlways remember to make the following part of your daily lifestyle, because this can have an effect on your under eye bags:

1. Eat a healthy and well balanced diet, making sure that you get all of your veggies, dairy, fruit, etc. into your daily diet.
2. Drink plenty of water. This helps to flush out all of the toxins from your body and it also reduces water retention.
3. Keep an eye on your daily salt intake. Try to limit your intake and within a week or two you will surely notice a difference.

Rooibos tea bags for under eye bagsHere are some nice remedies that you can try at home to “treat” your under eye bags and to make them appear “not so heavy”:

• Dip cotton balls in milk and apply it to your under eye bags for a few minutes. The lactic acid in the milk will help reduce the darkness and puffiness.
• Take a small slice of potato and cut the slice in half. Put each slice under your eyes for 20 minutes and you will see a notable difference.
• You can also soak 2 pieces of cucumber in lemon juice for 3-5 minutes; apply this to your eyes for about 10-15minutes if you want to get rid of dark circles or puffiness.
• Take 2 bags of rooibos tea and dip each bag quickly in hot water. Put it on a plate to cool down and put the bags onto / underneath your eyes. The rooibos tea will extract the dark circles from your eyes and will also reduce the puffiness as it has an anti-inflammatory and calming effect on your skin.

Now that you know what can be the possible causes of under eye bags and how to treat them naturally, we need to look at ways of concealing them.

Eye cream for under eye bags1. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

Make it a habit that when you’re applying your day or night cream, that you ALWAYS apply eye cream over and under your eye area. This will soften the area and make it easier for you to apply the concealer. If the area is not properly moisturised, then your concealer will cake or cause creases.

Apply concealer for under eye bags2. Choose the Right Concealer

It’s your choice if you want to use a liquid, cream or a stick concealer, but do make sure that the shade that you choose is the best for your skin tone. The concealer must be one to two shades lighter than your foundation color as this will ensure that the area under your eye is perfectly blended in with the rest of your face. If you were to choose a shade that is the same as your foundation color, then your eye area will look darker after you have applied your foundation. The purpose here is the make the area brighter and not darker. Normally concealer with a yellow undertone blends the best.

Stick concealer works the best to cover heavy eye bags. Liquid concealer is better for a lighter, more natural look and cream concealer helps if you want more intense coverage. The drawback with the cream concealer is that it cakes easily and the liquid concealer creases after a few hours.

Concealer brush for under eye bags3. Correct Application

If you have under eye bags, then you need to hold the area under your eyes very taut. Take your finger or a small makeup brush and apply the concealer on top of the under eye bags. Take your brush or finger and softly blend the dots of concealer until the area is completely covered. Apply more if the area needs more coverage. Lastly, take your makeup sponge to spread out the concealer. Leave it to set in place. Now you can continue with the rest of your makeup regime by applying your foundation and powder, etc.

After reading these tips and following my simple instructions, there is no excuse for you not to cover your under eye bags and to feel young and beautiful again 🙂 Be sure to take care of your best facial feature and go out there and have some fun!

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