Airbrushing: Worth learning?

You may be thinking, “but I’m spending all this time learning and perfecting my makeup techniques, do I really want to add airbrushing as an option to my clients?” Read this with an open heart, and see how you feel. Some of the most successful people are the ones who are always learning, always expanding, and always open to growth. We know you may have your comfort zone, or maybe you are still uncomfortable and learning where your comfort zone exists — but airbrushing may be beneficial to add to your menu of options — or maybe not, the beautiful part of this business is it’s all up to you!

First, maybe you’re thinking “what exactly is airbrushing?” — it’s okay if that crossed your mind! Many people associate the word “airbrushing” with the flawless magazine covers who were computer airbrushed by photoshop. This is NOT what we are talking about. Airbrushing for an MUA is a type of liquid makeup that is dropped into a compressor and then pushed through the airbrush gun, resulting in a fine mist to the face. You can choose whether you want a light mist, or a thicker mist, depending on your adjustments. It’s easy to apply even coverage without caking, and your client will barely notice they are even wearing makeup. Not to mention, it lasts ALL DAY. It’s no wonder this is becoming all the rage, especially for brides! Bonus for you: It’s a FAST job, with normally a HIGHER fee, since it usually requires extra training for the MUA. Most clients are willing to pay the higher expense, for quality flawless photos they will be in for the rest of their lives. (NOTE: here’s some tips on how much to charge clients)


Ask yourself, who are my clients? And who do I want to attract as clients?

Airbrushing is becoming more and more popular among brides, as well as anyone who has an all day function while in the spotlight. There are many plus sides to airbrushing, such as: lightweight on the skin and long lasting, QUICK to apply, waterproof is an option, more comfortable on your skin, and as long as there are not blemishes – a practically flawless look. Once you master the technique, which is not as daunting as it seems, airbrushing could become your best friend, especially as business picks up. You can be in and out of an appointment, sending the bride (and company) off, thrilled for their makeup and ready to step into their new seasons of life. Many brides are insistent on airbrush due to the popular reviews — which creates a possibility for you to gain new clients.

However, don’t be fooled — NOTHING is perfect. A few things that cause snags with the airbrush technique are things such as blemishes, dry skin (especially in the winter), acne, etc – which airbrushing will not cover due to the lightweight layer that is applied. If this is the case, you can still airbrush on the foundation, and then use additional makeup on top to cover the blemishes. But, once the face is set to go, it is difficult to touch up. Lastly, not all airbrush makeup is waterproof — so be sure you know what you are buying and what your client wants.

Airbrushing is a whole different technique than traditional makeup, and you may need to seek out additional training — but with the trend, possible new clients, and quick results, it may very well be worth your investment. You can give your clients the option of traditional makeup or airbrush, and really ensure they are getting exactly what they want and all they have to do is come to you since you have all the options. This will also generate more referrals your way, as well as expand your own horizon and creativity.


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