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Louisville makeup trainingLouisville is the largest city in the state of Kentucky. It is a very large city known as the gateway to the South. If you are looking for makeup courses in Louisville, you have quite a number of organizations to choose from. There is quite a big arts and music scene available in Louisville and many people look for makeup lessons to get a foot in the door of doing makeup for those who are on stage. If you are looking to specialize in makeup artistry in this city then you may want to know some details on when to go and how to get around whilst you are there.

Louisville has an excellent public transportation bus system known as the TARC. This is reliable and affordable. Of course, you could also choose to drive, but there are frequent congestion problems and you do need to be used to city driving. Using a bicycle is becoming increasingly popular in Louisville, so this may also be an option for you, helping you keep fit in the process.

A few weeks before Easter, Louisville hosts the annual Thunder Over Louisville fireworks display. This is a fantastic time to go to Louisville of course. There are many other events taking place in Louisville all year around. Louisville is a reasonably safe city, although you do need to use common travelers sense. The Ninth Street area is known as the least safe area and this is unfortunately also the location of the Greyhound bus terminal, so if this is how you get in to Louisville, do make sure you watch your belongings. If you rather want to find a makeup artist, then please visit our directory that showcases makeup artists in Louisville.

Makeup Schools in Louisville

Makeup Courses Louisville

ideal Beauty Academy
This course can be completed in about 6 months and teaches in depth skin care. This course includes facial treatments and techniques, makeup, waxing procedures, microdermabrasion, as well as some aromatherapy and more.

Tel: 812-282-1371
10213 Linn Station Road,
Louisville, KY 40223
United States

Makeup Lessons Louisville

Empire Beauty schools
Creating fashion-ready makeup for special occasions, proms, weddings, and runway shows requires a specific background understanding complimentary colors for varying skin tones, facial features and more.

Tel: 1-866-232-2771
151 Chenoweth Ln
Louisville, KY 40207
United States

Makeup Schools Louisville

PJ’s Beauty Collage
Our objective is to enlarge the student’s knowledge base, skills, and understanding of the beauty industry.

Tel: (502) 489 3757
10434 Shelbyville Rd,
Louisville, KY 40233
United States

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