Stay Ahead Of The Makeup Artist Competition

Ask any makeup artist who has been in the business a while and they will tell you the competition is fierce. If you’re going to make it big, you’ve got to have what the other artists don’t. We’re going to share with you our inside tips on how to stay ahead of the competition.

Once you complete your Makeup.School certification, you’ll already be a leg up on the competition, but these tips will help you not only make a name for yourself in the dog-eat-dog word of makeup artistry but they will help you stand out from the crowd.

Don’t Ever Stop Learning

So you’ve completed your Makeup.School course and have your certification in your hand. This doesn’t mean you are done learning. Learning is a life-long endeavor. Those who stop learning and seeking knowledge become stagnant; those who are constantly learning grow and prosper. Did you know that there are master classes for makeup artistry? You could become a master at your makeup specialty or learn other skills like how to do hair or nails. Diversify the services you are qualified to offer and your business will boom.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Remember all of those friends and family who let you practice on them while you were in Makeup.School? Yeah, keep them on speed dial because you are still going to need them. Sure, you have the basics down and maybe you’re pretty awesome at your particular style of makeup artistry, but there are always opportunities to expand your abilities as new techniques and makeups emerge. Never limit yourself! The sky’s the limit so keep practicing. You absolutely want to be able to offer your clients the latest and greatest in styles and trends in order to stay not only competitive but ahead of the competition.

Build a Solid Brand

Some makeup artists finish their Makeup.School program and immediately start taking on clients without giving much thought to actually building their brand. You don’t start building a house with the roof first, you have to start at the bottom with a solid foundation for the rest of the house to rest on. The same holds true for your career in makeup artistry. Build a solid foundation of clients and create a name for yourself that you can be proud of. Take time to make connections and network with others in your field. Work with a graphic designer on a killer logo and print business cards. This helps you look professional and well-organized to your clients and peers. They will know you’re not just some chick that does makeup, you’re a serious, professional makeup artist. Present yourself as a professional and you’ll be treated like a professional.

Use Social Media

A huge part of building your brand is networking, as we mentioned earlier. Networking in person is important, but you need to take advantage of networking through social media as well. In this day and age, everyone is referred to someone else’s Facebook page or Twitter feed. If you are a business and you don’t have social media, you essentially don’t exist. People will move on to the next guy who does. Make sure you have a strong presence where your target demographic spends most of their time. Pinterest and Instagram is huge in the makeup artistry field and is a great (and free) way to display your work. Not social media savvy? You can hire a social media strategist to help you out!

Seek Out Opportunities

Makeup.School alumnae, Reslie Mundwiler gives some great advice on making the most of your networking opportunities in our Alumni Feature SeriesIf you think for one minute that clients are simply going to be lining up outside your door, think again. You need to take the initiative and seek out opportunities to advance your career and get your name out there. This means you may have to continue to do free gigs here and there if it means good exposure. You need to find online groups and small business networking opportunities to let people know you exist. Set up a booth at a fair or trade show and showcase your work. You are your best agent. Fall short in this area and your business will go nowhere.

Lastly and above all else, you need to keep a positive attitude. You’re not always going to land the high-dollar clients. You’re not always going to get the contracts that you want. What you will do is be leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors simply by following these tips with a happy heart and a genuine love for what you do. Your attitude and outlook shine through every aspect of your life. Why not be positive and enjoy the journey?

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Notice to all students. All coursework for Makeup.School must be completed on or before October 31, 2019. The course will not be available after November 1, 2019 as we are developing a new course.