Makeup Artist Kit Essentials

It can be difficult to know the best steps to take once you have completed the makeup artist training program here at Makeup.School. Our students are bursting at the seams to get out into the world and use the amazing knowledge they have just gained. We understand that excitement, but there’s still a bit of work to be done. You need to build your makeup artist kit, and you need to do it in the most effective yet affordable way possible.

Last week we posted an article called “Getting the Best Makeup Artist Kit” that gives a great foundation for building your kit. Today, we are going to expand a bit on that article and go over the absolute essentials you need to have in your makeup artist kit to complete any job you may be taking, or to support your makeup artist training. This will save you money when you are just starting out building your kit. If you have nothing else in your kit, you absolutely need to include the items we mention here.


We all know concealer is an absolute necessity. This is the first tool you use to begin creating your “blank canvas” upon which you build your masterpiece. Save room in your kit to include various medium and light shades that can be combined to create the shades in between. If you know you will be working with clients who have darker complexions, include those shades as well.

Liquid Foundation

The rule of thumb for liquid foundations is to have a wide range of at least 5 shades and a lightener and darkener. This way you can combine shades with the lighteners and darkeners to achieve the perfectly matching shade for your client.

Setting Powder

A good setting powder is an absolute necessity. Don’t go cheap here. We prefer a loose powder in either a translucent or medium tint. You can achieve the shading through the foundation, the powder is mostly to just set the look.

Bronzer and Blush

This can be tricky, so we suggest having 6 shades of blush with you at the very least in order to achieve the look you’re going for. You really only need one basic bronzer in your kit, however, when you have more money to invest it would help to have a number of shades as well.


No makeup artist would even consider letting a client go out in public without mascara, right? Fortunately, you can get away with only having a basic black and brown in your kit that can be used for virtually all clients regardless of their hair color.

Eye Shadows

Eye shadows are one aspect to makeup artistry where you want to keep your options open. This means you’ll need a bunch of them. Thank goodness they are small and easy to pack. We suggest carrying at least 12 different eyeshadows in varying colors, shimmers, and mattes. Choose the ones that you use most for your particular client base.


Stick to what you know with eyeliners. Just the basic black and brown shades will suffice. Be sure to include both pencil and liquid forms.

Eyebrow Products

Keep cream, powder, and eyebrow pencils in your makeup artist kit at all times. Again, as with the liners and mascaras, the basic shades of black and brown will do.


What woman doesn’t love having the perfect lipstick? You’ll need to keep 8-10 high-quality lipsticks in your makeup artist kit that range in color from nude to fire engine red. Don’t forget to include at least a few dark browns.

Lip Gloss

The same basic principles apply for lipstick and lip gloss. Make sure you have at least 6 shades ranging from clear to dark brown.

Lip Liner

As you know, a good makeup artist always has a liner that matches her lipsticks perfectly, so use this as your rule of thumb. Be sure you have a liner to match every lipstick you have chosen for your kit.

Additional Tools

You will always want to have a good set of high-quality brushes in your kit as well as hand sanitizer, Q-tips, and of course a wide range of lashes and glue. We like to keep all of our lash supplies in a separate case just to be a little more organized.

Need a little advice from the pros on the best rules for makeup application? Our article The 7 Rules of Makeup is a great place to start!

Now that you know the absolute essentials to have in your makeup kit, you’re well on your way to becoming an amazing MUA. To get you armed with the tools you need right now, get your Pro Makeup Kit Here!

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