The Role Of A Makeup Artist In A Fashion Shoot

One of the fastest ways to quickly grow your professional makeup artistry experience, portfolio, creativity and exposure, is to branch out into fashion shoots. Whether or not your end goal is to be a high-end fashion shoot makeup artist, the experience is beneficial for any up-and-coming artist.

But before you can have the experience of a fashion shoot makeup artist, you have to snag the makeup artist role in the shoot. And before you can snag the role, you have to be informed of a shoot taking place.

Here are some tips to help take you from start to finish!

Find A Fashion Shoot

Like every type of business, the best way to find any connection is to network, network, network. If you want to find a fashion shoot, reach out to every photographer you know. Get on their radar. Add yourself to local Photographer, Model, and MUA facebook groups to hear about current opportunities first hand. If they don’t have an upcoming shoot, chances are they know someone who does.

When you network, one sphere of influence enters another, and the ripple effect can reach people who otherwise wouldn’t know you were an option. Introduce yourself to designers, models, and hairstylists. Once your name has been floating around, you will be on the forefront of their mind when an opportunity arises. Give them your website, and make sure your website reiterates you are looking for shoot opportunities.

The Role Of A Makeup Artist In A Fashion Shoot 2Getting the Makeup Artist Role

Be committed — speak to them in a way that shows you see what they are looking for, and you are willing to work with them until you reach their desired goal. Show them examples of what you can do for them. Let them know you are prepared to bring your own makeup kit.

Of course you will eventually go for the paid fashion shoots, but if your intention is to grow your experience and build your portfolio, let them know you are willing to swap skills. You do the makeup, and in return you can keep and use the finished pictures for your portfolio and website. Use these images to create your High Quality Makeup Portfolio. Swapping skills is a great selling point since it saves them money and it’s a win-win for both parties.

Legal Tip: Make sure all models sign a photo release form. You can easily find a template for one of these forms online, typically the photographer will already have this ready.

Your Role As A Makeup Artist In A Fashion Shoot

You did it, you landed a shoot! Now what?

Now it’s your time to build a portfolio AND a reputation for referrals. Be present, be engaged, and be of service. Be familiar with the style of the photographer, and work to understand the model. Research and pay attention to the type of shoot you are partaking in.

Most Fashion Shoots have a theme — your role as a makeup artist is to bring the theme to the next level. You enhance every model and every idea presented. Ask for feedback. Map out the guidelines and then work your creative magic. Start a Pinterest board between you and the photographer or creative director. Be flexible and willing to adjust the look to the photographer’s vision.

This is an amazing opportunity to really step outside the normal everyday makeup routine, and get a little funky. Fashion Shoots are known for exaggeration, and that goes with makeup as well. Every fashion shoot you land, is another part of your portfolio you get to show your next client.

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