Elègance By Irǐn

Irin specialize in modern Day/Night Make up, Bridal Muslimah/Non Muslimah Make up, Event Make up and Waxing.

For Bridal Make up, a 30 min mini facial will be include in the Bridal Make up package. Irin do not use false eyelashes for bridal make up but instead Irin uses a state of art 3D fiber mascara that go for up to 3x the wow factor equivalent effect of using false lashes. It is more caring and natural to the eyes.

I love to see the transformation of my client from the boring Jane next door into a celebrity just by adding colors and contouring styles. I do not do heavy make up as I believe strongly in bring out the face features by enhancing correctly and be naturally you. It will weigh less on the face too. Be Classique. Be Gorgeous. Be Naturally You.

For more information, please get in touch with Irin Suzanne.

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