Makeup by Jacqueline Patten

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Jacqueline Patten has always had a great passion for makeup and the cosmetics industry and she has over 10 years of makeup experience. While working on her Public Relations degree at the University of Minnesota, she continued gaining experience in makeup artistry by traveling with Estee Lauders’ pro artist team. Her decision to pursue a career in cosmetics has led Jacqueline to strive to be a great makeup artist. The back of her hand is the canvas she uses to create a personalized palette that is just for you. Jacqueline has such enthusiasm for makeup that she describes herself as a true “makeup junkie for life!”

Starting her career at a young age, Jacqueline had the privilege of working for the respected cosmetics company Estee Lauder for 8 years. She was trained by some of the most influential artists in the industry. Jacqueline has continued her education by working with some of the most talented cosmetics brand professionals today and keeps up with the current trends by educating herself with the latest fashion magazines and well-known artists’ tips and techniques. With a very informative trip to New York, Jacqueline completed a week long makeup artistry course filled with today’s hottest trends of smoky eyes, contouring and flawless faces!

Jacqueline loves making everyone look and feel beautiful every day and for that special occasion. Seeing a big smile on her client’s face reminds her of why she chose to become a makeup artist. Jacqueline loves working with people and is a very positive and energetic person. She loves sharing her knowledge of new makeup trends and techniques and is always looking for work to add to her portfolio. She specializes in all occasions and would love to be hired for your next special event. Below is a list of services Jacqueline offers and hopes she can “perfect your face” to make you look and feel beautiful every day and for every occasion!

Providing Makeup Services for:

-Weddings -Airbrush Makeup -Engagement Photos -Proms -Makeup Lessons -Photo Shoots -TV -Commercials -Events

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