Najla Kaddour Make-Up Artist

Najla Kaddour Celebrity Make-Up Artist is a young brand that prides itself for quality make-up application; make-up designs. The artistic-touch behind the brand creates great potential for Najla Kaddour Celebrity Make-Up Artist within the region’s market for new and creative talent. Najla Kaddour was hand picked by E! News as the exclusive make-up artist for their visit to Dubai, which had given her an opportunity to work alongside Jennifer Lopez and her team.

Additionally, Najla is the go-to make-up artist for the region’s most prominent personalities such as Alanoud Badr, Ascia AKF, Nadya Hasan, Tala Samman and Shereen Mitwalli to name a few. Najla had quickly made a mark in the Middle East with her unique make-up philosophy and exceptionally innovative techniques.

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