Tammy Pore Makeup

I thought I would play it safe in life though and study commercial art and computer aided drafting, misstep for sure, it just wasn't me. It sounds boring just typing it. The doors of David Pressley School of Cosmetology was my ahh ha moment. it was calling my name, and it sounded fabulous. Cool, hip and social. sign me up!

I could not have gotten this far without the support of my husband Mike who had faith that I could help and contribute to our young growing family… Kaleb, Ethan and Sienna.

Obsessing and spending money I couldn't afford on just the right shade of makeup, Mike didn't give up on me. My family has been my support system while I went out and gave my services away free so I could build my portfolio... try explaining that to someone not in the business. What? You're not getting paid for that!? It was a struggle being poor, hoping and wishing it would all work eventually. No one makes you get up in the morning to be an artist... you're an artist because you MUST.

Well twelve years have just flown by in a nano second... the MAC counter and Aveda is now a riotous blur. Studying with celebrity makeup artists Johnny Lavoy and James Vincent was great, but I must admit I have a major crush on Billy B, sending out some love.

A special thank you to Mary DuPrie Studios for her generous advice on how to build a book that people would want to pay for and how they can find you. Yes, it's fun doing makeup for free but it's even better to get paid for what I love.

Experienced in television, film, music videos, advertising, brides and still photography, my favorite. Doing what I love... helping people look and feel their most fabulous.

Being a mom teaches me to be kind, patient and loving... and I'll have my listening ears on. But best of all I love when clients book me so I can get out of the house and talk with grown-ups.

A special thanks to my Mom and Dad, you've shown me how to love my family and life, sacrificing in ways I'm sure I'll never know. Hugs!

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