Tips to Get a Great Makeup Counter Job

Look, we all have heard the interview spiel before. Be prepared, show up on time (early PLEASE), look presentable, practice your interview questions, bring a well thought out resume. Of course these are all IMPORTANT.

But how do you snag a makeup counter position? And not just any makeup counter….but the one you REALLY want? The one that will give you the insight and experience to move further into your dream makeup vision. Now that you received your makeup artist training, you can make a living following your passion, and a favorite makeup counter could be a great start! Wondering what’s possible financially? Check out  how much money you can earn by being a makeup artist.

Here are 5 tips to help you along your journey into your dream job:

 1. Apply within the specific store

Most of the large makeup companies are nationwide, and even world wide. Each allow the store management to individually choose who they will hire. Personally request to apply, instead of sending in a faceless application online. If you are applying in a department store, be specific on which makeup counter you are interested working.

2. Prepare for the interview

Research the makeup company. Find out their passion, the direction they are headed, their goals and how you can fit into their visions. Tweak your resume to reflect your ability to grow, any sales experience, and DEFINITELY customer service experience. The makeup counter is essentially a sales and customer service position. They will want to see you are comfortable engaging and talking with strangers, as well as selling their product in an authentic way. This will take research, and really connecting to who they are behind the company name…social media is a great way to do this.

Coming to the interview sporting their own makeup line, as well as practiced application techniques, is a great way to show first hand your passion and dedication. You can purchase their newest products, or stock up with our makeup artist kit to cover your essentials.

3. Have a portfolio

Presenting a portfolio gives you a leg up with competition. You can show first hand your accomplishments, creativity, and passion. Whether these are before/after pictures of yourself, friends, or clients — having something to show truly makes a difference. This is a position where a degree may not be unnecessary, but creativity, passion, and talent is a must. Unsure how to create a portfolio? We have some great tips on how to create a high quality makeup portfolio!


Show you’re interested and invested by asking questions. Now is not the time to be shy. Many interviews will include a demonstration — PAY ATTENTION. Any question that comes to mind, ask. They want to see you are confident in your own skin, and eager to grow. Start making a list of questions prior to the interview.

5. Send a thank you card

As cheesy and old fashioned as it sounds, staying connected and showing gratitude goes a long way. Whether you are sending follow up e-mails, or hand written thank you cards (a magnificent touch), you will be the one fresh on their mind when a position opens or they are having to choose between several possible candidates. You can also keep them updated on your talent and innovation, by sending additional work created in the meantime. This shows you are serious and committed about working with them. The more time you invest in them, the more they will want to invest in you.

At the end of the day, be yourself. Let your personality, brightness, and love for life shine. Show them who YOU are, and why you love creating beauty and joy. Step out of the box, and break the limitations around yourself. You got this. You can be anything you want to be, and you dream job is waiting for you!

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