Makeup Tips for Hooded or Droopy Eyes

We are all different, which is a beautiful thing. Like every other part of our bodies that range in all shapes and sizes, the eyes are no exception. No matter the shape, every eye is beautiful and can be beautifully made up with makeup — some just may need more of a tweak in the technique than others. One shape that has it’s own set of challenges, is the hooded eye. If you have them, you know the makeup smearing and small lid frustrations. Regardless if they’re your own or not, every makeup artist needs to know how they can distinguish the space for hooded eyes to stand out just as much as any other eye. Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Taylor Swift always look stunning, and are great examples of makeup artistry 101 for the hooded eyes.

Whether you’re working with celebrities or your next door neighbor, here are great tips to help you master the hooded or droopy eye.


Consider primer the hero for hooded lids. Find a great primer, and you’ll not only save yourself time and effort, but your client will be thrilled to look in the mirror 3 hours later and see their eye makeup still intact. One of the biggest annoyances for those with hooded eyes, is the smearing! After a short amount of time the lid can smear so much that it’s hard to tell there was every anything there from the beginning.


Invest in smudge proof eyeliner and waterproof mascara to avoid the frustration of eyeliner smearing into the crease and out the corners of the lids, and mascara hitting the top of the brow adding little dark dots that end up just looking like a sloppy coat of makeup.


Probably the hardest hurdle for hooded lids is applying eyeshadow that you can actually see, and stays in place. Since we can’t walk around with our eyes closed, and blinking is mandatory, we must use creativity and primer to come up with solid options. One option is creating a crease line farther above the actual crease, giving the illusion of a bigger lid and more space for shadow. This way, when the eye is open the color is still visible, blended above the crease instead of only below.


Instead of having eyeliner get stuck and hidden in the upper lid crease, move the cat eye line to the bottom of the eye, following the shape to the upper corner instead of down. Not only does this look just as stylish, it also helps hooded eyes that tend to look a bit droopy, by giving the illusion of a lift with the eye liner.


One perk of having hooded eyes, is getting away with playing with the darkest, brightest, seasonally fun colors and still looking classy and subtle. Since most of the lid is covered when open, you can choose any color for a hint of pop around the crease and corners, while blending and lightening up towards the brow. Take advantage of the eye and spice up an outfit or holiday with something more daring than an almond shape eye could pull off without looking overdone.

See? Hooded eyes aren’t hard – just a few tweaks in technique and they become more of a fun benefit than a makeup struggle.

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