Makeup Tips For The Mature Woman

Life gets better with age. We’re wiser, stronger, more emotionally, financially, and relationally stable. We know ourselves, we know what we like, we know what we do not like. We act differently than we did in our 20’s. We are attracted to different things. Our mind and body crave different things. Our interests shift and mature. As we get older, our body may start to change, where instead of sticking to what we did when we were 20, we change with it, and re-adjust to fit who we are now. The same goes for makeup.

When you have an older client — at least, older than you, be aware their needs are different than yours. But the desire is still the same — they want their outward beauty to reflect their inward beauty. They want to feel free and passionate, secure in who they genuinely are on a day to day basis. They know their age, so do not hesitate to talk to them about it. They WANT you to show them the techniques that will bring out their true self, and remind them how gorgeous they are.

But what are some of the best beautifying techniques for the mature woman? We picked out our top favorites that can be applied across the board, to give you a leg up in intuition.


Makeup is used to enhance beauty, not replace beauty. When you’re younger your skin is prone to a more vibrant, healthy glow, naturally. As you age, you have been exposed to sun, life, stress, etc — which takes a toll. The skin’s elasticity, glow, and color start to change. The most important beauty tip for the mature woman, is taking care of her skin. This includes daily sunscreen, moisturizers, exfoliating scrubs, and being sure to take her makeup off every night before bed. Coconut oil is a woman’s best friend – applied to a warm wash cloth, this can be used to clean, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin. Every skin type is different – be sure to direct her to a product that is right for her type.


Just because she’s mature, does not automatically mean she needs more foundation. In fact, less is best! When the skin begins to have lines and wrinkles, heavy foundation (SAY NO TO POWDER) collects in the creases, drawing even more attention to the parts that were meant to be smoothed out. If she is actively taking care of her skin, she is best off with using concealer under her eyes, and light places around her face — only where needed. Also, most women find a color that works for their skin, and stick with it — completely unaware that their skin is not the same it was 20 years ago. Skin usually develops a warmer tone with age. Encourage her to go a shade darker, or mix her current foundation with the next shade.


While using less foundation, contouring is magic! Bring youthfulness back to her face by assessing the shape and create a shadow effect when the light shines on certain parts of the face, complimenting her natural beauty. Contouring is different for each person, so grab some more Makeup Artist Contouring Tips to be prepared!


The eyes are the star of the show. Primer is a woman’s best friend. Show your client how to apply primer to avoid caking inside and around the eyelid. Also, switching from a liquid eye liner, to a eyeliner pencil, will soften the look of her eyes and bring out her beautiful lashes. She can still use shadow — elegant and classy colors like browns, greens, grays, and gold. Use under eye cream with pink/peach tints to have her eyes pop. Is she dealing with those pesky bags under her eyes? Read up on How To Make Under Eye Bags Disappear and that alone will put a smile on her face. Finding the right shape of glasses for her face, can take as much as 10 years off of her look! If her brows need a little love, encourage her to use a powder brow brush, instead of a pencil, which has the tendency to come on a little too strong and obvious. Last but not least — the eyelash curler! Let her lashes come out and play, bringing a youthful, alive look to her gorgeous face. Show her the technique, and get ready for a happy customer.


Okay ladies, it’s time to let the lipstick go. Lipstick collects in the creases, causing lips to appear dry and brittle. Introduce light colored lip gloss, or a lipstick brush. For a younger, vibrant look, encourage light colors instead of dark. Dark, thin lips give off a “old” vibe instead of a “mature” vibe.


Let’s be honest. Most of us have several years worth of makeup. That one lip shade we might some day use, the one colored mascara we haven’t come across the right situation for…etc. But let’s say your client came across a product they LOVE, and stocked up on it…over 5 years ago. Is the quality still the same? Probably not. You can direct them into keeping their stash fresh, for a fresh look. Learn more about Makeup Shelf Life in our recent article.

Everyone is different, but the desired end result is the same. Most women think the older they are, the more makeup they need – but it’s actually the opposite. They’ve lived through a lot to earn their beauty, show them how to let it shine!

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