Makeup School Course Preview

Wondering if you want to take the plunge and dive into Makeup.School education? Are you curious what types of subjects online tutorials cover? Maybe you’re wondering if you should just look up YouTube videos and do self-education? But then you realize you won’t be certified and you will have no way of knowing if what you’re learning is the best technique. Well, no need to continue on your internal debate — we are giving you a sneak peek on just a snippet of what we cover in our online tutorials during the course. Obviously, we can’t give away all our secrets — but here are some subjects you may be interested in furthering your education.

Corrective Contouring

Contouring: you either love it, or you hate it. If you hate it, it’s most likely because it feels daunting and you aren’t quite sure how to apply while keeping a natural look. Fortunately, we cover this extensively! No two faces are the same, but there are definitely “types” that you can follow! We have 28 separate tutorials for 28 face types specifically on Corrective Contouring. Whether you’re working with a Round Face, Square Face, High ForeheadProminent NoseBroad Jaw or 23 other options, we have you covered!

How To Apply False Eyelashes

Applying false lashes isn’t as easy as it looks – which is why we have an entire tutorial dedicated to showing you the ropes. Not everyone needs or wants false lashes, but when they do — you better believe they want them to look as real as possible. This video will demonstrate how to apply both individual eyelashes as well as eyelash strips. False Eyelashes can drastically enhance your client’s eyes and entire face when done correctly.

How To Apply Makeup To ______ Eyes

Not only do we have separate tutorials for every color of eye in existence, but will have access to over 9 different videos for every possible eye shape. Categorized by shapes AND ethnicities, you’ll find the answers you need to give your client the best possible experience. Everything from Asian Eyes to Wide Set or Downturned Eyes will have the best application technique unique to each.

How To Apply Makeup On Mature Women

No matter the age, your friends and clients want to look their best! But they may have different needs, skin types, and outcome goals. Applying makeup on the Mature Women is different then applying on someone who has yet to form a wrinkle or fine line. Learn the different nuances and you’ll have a happy client no matter their age.

Makeup Techniques When You’re Wearing Glasses

Glasses today are fashionable! Cute, stylish glasses can create different looks everyday, adding spark and spunk to someone’s already amazing personality. But they can be tricky when it comes to makeup — do you have elaborate eyes only to cover them up with rims? Do you use more or less makeup? Will eyeshadow be too “busy” around the eyes? Will you even be able to see the mascara, or will it rub against the glasses? Learn how to efficiently and beautifully handle eyeglass situations bringing the best of both worlds together equally complementing your clients beauty.

We love to celebrate all the different kinds of beauty and possibilities of every client, and this is just a snippett of what we offer. With the tutorials, you learn how to recognize the differences and select the best solution in each situation. And if you ever forget, you can come back and watch the tutorials again and again!

If this article has gotten you super-excited about becoming a makeup artist, we invite you to learn about our professional makeup training program and get your free eBrochure and 1st free training video! We would love to add you to our family of successful Makeup.School graduates!

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Notice to all students. All coursework for Makeup.School must be completed on or before October 31, 2019. The course will not be available after November 1, 2019 as we are developing a new course.