Benefits of Learning to be a MUA Online

The Internet. It allows us to watch movies, catch up with friends, grocery shop, pay bills, schedule doctor’s appointments and oil changes, read novels, play games, talk to loved ones across the globe, purchase clothing and household items…all with the click of a mouse. Incredible, isn’t it?

Another thing the Internet allows us to do is further our education. There are hundreds of thousands of online courses offered by colleges, universities, and independent professional schools that allow you to earn a degree or certification from the comfort of your own home. Earning a Professional Makeup Artistry certification from Makeup.School gives individuals who have always wanted to pursue a career in makeup artistry an opportunity to make their dreams come true regardless of whether they have full-time jobs, children, or other obligations. In our article How Much Money Can You Really Earn as a Makeup Artist? It Might Surprise You, we discussed the earning potential for makeup artists just like you. Our findings are more than encouraging for those who dare to follow their dreams.

Today we’d like to discuss the benefits of home learning through the Makeup.School program. Read on to learn more…

Set Your Own Schedule

One of the main reasons our students want to pursue careers in makeup artistry is because it gives them the freedom to set their own schedule. The same holds true for Makeup.School. When you enroll with us, you set your own pace. Take as long as you like to complete the program or choose to finish quickly and start taking on clients right away. No schedules to keep, no chances of being late to class, no sick days to have to catch up on…you are in complete control of your education and when and where it happens.

Set Your Learning Style

Some people learn well from listening to lectures and taking notes while others would rather just do the reading on their own and be more self-taught. Still others prefer to watch videos and do practical exercises. Some students are morning people while others would rather sleep in and take night classes. The beauty part of home learning is you set the stage for your specific learning style. Our Makeup.School course presents material in several different ways making it easy for you to find a learning style that works well for you personally. What’s more, you are not restricted to taking morning classes if you’re a night owl. You learn on your terms. Period.


Let’s face it; college educations don’t come cheap. Some people will end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of four years to receive their degree, only to wind up spending the next 20 years repaying loans. Makeup.School allows you to receive your education, training, and certification at your pace and without the added expense of an on-campus schedule. Our online program is one of the most affordable in the makeup artistry industry and it is well-known and well-respected world wide. Why spend four years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to further your education when you can learn at your own pace at home for a much more affordable price AND begin building your clientele list and being paid for your services shortly after you complete your certification?

Get One-on-One Instruction and Assistance

Have you ever been in a class and you don’t understand what the instructor is talking about but you don’t want to sound stupid asking a question in front of everyone? Yeah, well that doesn’t happen when you enroll in Makeup.School. If you have a question, you simply contact one of our instructors through our exclusive Members Area on our website, ask your question (no feeling embarrassed here!) and our instructors are happy to answer your questions quickly and thoroughly to your satisfaction. Just one more reason that home learning is an incredibly amazing option.

In our article Makeup.School VS YouTube, we also discussed how there may be some great videos to get pointers from on YouTube, but it’s no replacement for a thorough, professional certification program like the one we offer. Don’t be tempted to take the easy road; you’ll be grateful for our one-on-one instruction and help any time you need it once you get into your program and really get going.

Read what Hollie G. had to say about her Makeup.School experience:

“You learn a lot and the videos and other study materials are great, being able to study when and where you want is really helpful to those who have kids and/or a job plus you do get a certification that you can use to get a job as a Makeup Artist. I’m not done with school yet and already have my own clients coming over to my house. I highly recommend Makeup.School to start or further your Makeup Artistry career!” -Hollie G., Makeup.School Student

You can read more from our Makeup.School graduates here in our Makeup.School Alumni Feature Series.

If this article has gotten you super-excited about becoming a makeup artist, we invite you to learn about our professional makeup training program and get your free eBrochure and 1st free training video! We would love to add you to our family of successful Makeup.School graduates!

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Notice to all students. All coursework for Makeup.School must be completed on or before October 31, 2019. The course will not be available after November 1, 2019 as we are developing a new course.