Distinction Between a Makeup.School Certification and a Cosmetology License

Makeup.School is an amazing opportunity for anyone who is interested in a career in makeup artistry to get the training and experience they need to be competitive in this career field. We teach our students how to book clients and how to put together a portfolio that will land your dream job. We get lots of questions about our certification program and would like to take the opportunity to answer some of them in this article. To find out more about how incredible having a career in makeup artistry can be, check out our article: Benefits to Becoming a Makeup Artist.

One of the top questions we’re asked is, “What is the difference between a licence and a certification.” This is a great question, as these are both very different things that have different requirements. When you complete Makeup.School, you will receive a “Certificate of Completion”. This tells your clients that you have been formally trained in the field of makeup artistry. Generally speaking, makeup artists are not required to be licensed, however, laws vary from state to state and country to country, so it is your responsibility to know the laws in your region. There are some states/countries that do require makeup artists to be licensed, so keep that in mind when doing your research.

Cosmetology schools will fully license those who are interested in areas such as facials, skincare, waxing, tanning, hair, and nails. Cosmetology licenses are quite different from Certifications because you go through roughly 2 years of full-time classes that include topics such as anatomy and physiology. Some cosmetology schools may touch on the subject of makeup application, but generally they do not go into great depth in this area. We have had many students who come to our Makeup.School program who are licensed cosmetologists who want more professional training in the area of makeup artistry.

So why is it important to go through our certification program? Completing Makeup.School gives you a structured foundation upon which you can build a lasting and successful career. This course gives you all of the information you need to become a world-class makeup artist. Our program is well-respected globally, so when you become part of the Makeup.School family you become part of an elite group of makeup artists that those in the business know they can count on for top-notch, professional work. Check out this link if you’d like to read up on the Benefits of Learning to be an MUA Online.

Think about it. Would you choose a doctor to care for you when you are sick if they hadn’t gone to medical school and gotten their license? Then why would clients trust you to do their makeup if you didn’t have some type of formal training? Your certification gives your clients the peace of mind of knowing that you are properly trained, experienced, and ready to provide your makeup artistry services. And where else could you get amazing Makeup Artist Secrets from the pros? We provide them to you through our incredible program.

Lastly, Makeup.School is designed to give our students the confidence they need to excel in the world of makeup artistry. When you know you have been educated and trained by the top makeup professionals, learning their tips and techniques not just for applying makeup but for running your own makeup artistry business, you will have the confidence to go out and land huge clients, build an amazing portfolio, and create a life-long career you can be proud of.

We want to make sure that all of your questions are answered when it comes to enrolling in Makeup.School. Please feel free to contact us and let us know what questions you have so we can give you the proper information and guide you down the path towards a lasting makeup artistry career.

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Notice to all students. All coursework for Makeup.School must be completed on or before October 31, 2019. The course will not be available after November 1, 2019 as we are developing a new course.