Ashleigh’s Makeup Kit Review

As a Makeup School, not only do we pride ourselves in our curriculum, but our customized Makeup Kits make all the difference to beginning students stepping into their new career. Like anything you do, investment comes before profit. How do you know if a makeup kit is right for you to invest in? Is a makeup kit really helpful when starting fresh? We asked graduate, Ashleigh, to review our Makeup.School Makeup Kit as honestly and open as she could — check out the answers below to give you an inside look at someone who has been there and done that!

Professional Makeup Kit

Name: Ashleigh S.
Norman, Oklahoma

Q: Are you a graduate or student of Makeup.School?

A: I completed and graduated from Makeup.School in April 2016. I proudly display my certificate.

Q. What is your favorite makeup in the kit, and why?

A. My favorite makeup is the eye shadow pallets. There are so many colors between the three pallets that you can create some amazing eye looks. They are very pigmented and long lasting on your eyelids.

Q. What is your favorite tool in the kit, and why?

A. My favorite tool is the Stainless Steel Foundation Pallet. I’ve never used one before, and now I see how useful it is! I can’t put my foundation on without it because of how well it works. I also use it as a holder for my eyelash glue when I apply false lashes — with a little soap and water, it cleans up really well.

Q. Have you found colors and shades in the Makeup Kit that compliment every skin type?

A. I think the kit is very versatile with the different shades of color, (foundations, eye shadows, blushes, etc.) for all types of skin and colors.

Q. Is the kit easy to pack and unpack?

A. The kit is very easy to pack and unpack. It’s not difficult to transport, and it has many compartments that will hold many items.
Q. If you could describe the Makeup Kit in 6 words, what would they be?

A. Fantastic, Versatile, Amazing, Professional, Glamorous, Quality

Q. Tell us one example of a “YES!” moment with your makeup kit when working on a client or friend.

A. The kit is very impressive to the client. When you unzip and unfold the kit and they see all your items, their eyes widen with excitement because they know you are serious about your business. That’s a “yes” moment,I think!

Q. Would you call this a high quality kit? (i.e. quality makeup, not brittle, lasting shelf life, top of the line ingredients)

A. I would agree that the kit and it’s contents are very hiqh-quality. The brush set is durable, the makeup lasts long in the kit, as well as once applied on the face. That tells me it’s good quality and is not cheaply made.

Q. Did purchasing the makeup kit make your life easier by providing you what you need to get started?

It’s much better than trying to build your own. Everything you need is all there and you’re ready to go. The case itself gives off a very professional look.

Professional Makeup KitQ. What is one product in the kit you have not used, that you can’t wait to try out?

I’ve used it all, even on myself. When I got the makeup kit, I was so excited to use the products!

Q. Now that you have experienced the kit, in hindsight, would you buy it again?

Yes, I would buy it again! But, I like the idea that you can individually purchase items when you run out in your kit. It’s worth the money if you want to be serious about your business, once you are paid for your services, the kit pays for itself.

Q. What is your favorite scenario to use the makeup kit professionally? (weddings, photography, fashion shows, etc)

Right now, I’m doing a lot of makeup sessions for photography and portrait/glamour sessions. I love being able to share my tips/tricks with clients.

Q. Give your favorite tip on how to use a product that is included in the kit.

Foundation Brush: A proper way to use it so your foundation is blended. The brush is a great tool so you don’t need to use your fingers or even a sponge. The foundation brush is the best and creates nice even strokes while working your way down the face so the makeup is blended!

Q. Anything else you’d like to tell us?

I learned a lot in Makeup.School. I’ve worn makeup for years but some things I discovered I was doing wrong or could improve on. I’m happy to now share that with others – I love being able to make a lady feel pampered and pretty – it’s so much fun! I love being able to make someone over, professionally and personally. Makeup.School gave me more confidence in myself too, because I will be my biggest seller. I love makeup and fixing myself up, so I use my own face to market a lot. Selfies in good lighting is a good way to get your name out. I personally wear a lot of the makeup from the kit on my own face, especially the eye/blush/powder palette, as they provide good coverage and are long-lasting.

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Professional Makeup Kit Professional Makeup Kit

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