How To Start A Beauty Blog

You’re living your passion. Every day you’re learning new techniques, creating beautiful visions, finding shortcuts and tricks to solve everyday makeup problems, as well as creating unique looks for special occasions with your makeup artistry skills. You want to tell everyone you meet about all the ideas swirling in your head, and your friends and family think it’s all you talk about! Put those creative juices to use!

computer-girlBlogging is a distinct way to form your voice, claim your voice, and to let your voice be heard. There are thousands of people who would benefit from the insights you have in your makeup artistry world of beauty. Creativity feeds off of creativity — as you process your thoughts into a productive space, more will come. You will be surprised the connections that will take place!

Benefits of blogging include: building relationships and connections with individuals and businesses, living in a vulnerable space that will build your confidence, allowing yourself to play and shine in your unique personality, showcasing who you are, opportunity to make money simply by BEING YOU and talking about what you love.

You’ve seen beauty blogs. But what, as a makeup artist, sets yours apart? We have some simple steps to get you started on your new venture.


Where, on the topic of beauty, do you specialize? What really gets your heart pumping? Are you drawn to certain age groups? Ethnicities? Situations? Professions? Problem solving? Have you come into contact with an everyday issue (like skin care) and by personal experience figured out a great solution? Do you specialize in designs for the eyes? Amazing lips or eyebrows? Think about the type of makeup artist you see yourself to be, and how you can begin to expand as a niche area. When blogging, you will write about more than one subject, and can tie it all into beauty — but what is one main thread as a makeup artist that can connect your creative juices to set you apart?

Your niche will be your audience, so remember who you are talking to when you present topics, write reviews, and brainstorm new ideas.


This sounds a lot more daunting than it is. You can go to sites like for easy domains — which will be the name of your website (i.e. the Once you have a domain, you can find a hosting site such as, squarespace, or wordpress! These are all great sites that allow you to choose your layouts and have easy access to forming your website. You will be able to create, edit, upload pics, videos — and really make the site look like YOU. For just a few dollars a day, you will claim a space on the internet that no one else is allowed to have, while you create your magic for the world to see.


When your blog is beauty based – especially as a makeup artist, you want you have a constant flow up pictures to go along with your words. Show off your work. Use before and after photos, post example pictures and videos. You can even do your own tutorials and reviews of products. Quality over quantity — make sure you pictures are clear, well lighted, and on task with the subject.


You may be creative and artistic, but that doesn’t automatically mean writing is your strong suit. Have your blog’s reviewed before posting. You want to be professional and coherent to your audience. Presentation indirectly gives off a vibe of who you are and what you bring to the table — show off your best self.


What do all bloggers need? FOLLOWERS! Broadcast your beauty blog to your sphere of influence. Share the link on facebook, instagram, twitter — giving sneak peeks into the content. Be creative on building an audience. You can join different social media groups and pages who are in the same line of business. Make friends who also have blogs, and begin promoting them. Respond to every single comment and acknowledge and interact with your readers.

REMEMBER: most likely gaining recognition will be a slow process, KEEP WITH IT. Set a day of the week and post consistently. Create each blog to have at least 300 words, and keep it short and VALUABLE. Ultimately, beyond staying committed and consistent, be yourself. Authenticity attracts true followers. You do not want to feel stuck playing a role. You want to be free to share and shift and explore as you are, with readers who like to learn and go along for the ride.

However, before you begin broadcasting your new journey — HAVE CONTENT. Keep the blog private for as long as it takes to have multiple blogs and content already up to showcase. Once you have a foundation to build from, release to the public and take off running.

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