How To Start a Successful MUA Freelance Business

You’ve spent months in school for your makeup artistry certification, exercised dedication by receiving coaching and gaining on-site experience. You’ve worked hard under someone else’s name, learning the ropes. But there’s a nagging feeling in the back of your head…your intuition tells you: I could do this on my own.

There are a lot of benefits to creating a freelance business. You get to work for yourself, set your own schedule, set your own prices and keep the profit, as well as choose the products you want to promote. You have the space to really dive into your identity as a Professional Makeup Artist.

But where do you start? How do you create a successful MUA freelance business? It can be quite overwhelming and maybe a bit scary, but here’s our top tips to get you started.

How To Start a Successful MUA Freelance Business 3Have the Tools

When working on your own, you will need to provide your own tools. Keep in mind the quality of tools you have, as well as type of products you choose to use, will reflect on you personally as a makeup artist. Start with the basics, and build up over time. The more you build, the more flexible and creative you can be with your services. Sound expensive? It doesn’t have to be. Here’s how to Get the Best Makeup Artist Kit  to give you a running start in the industry.

Set Prices and Packages

Sit down and write out the type of scenarios you WANT to have: do you want bridal parties? Work alongside a professional photographer? Have individual special occasion clients? A partnership with a videographer? Be clear about what you want and how you can offer your services – and form general financial packages based on your results. Clear packaging and prices will cut out a lot of the questions for interested clients, and allow them to see what they will be receiving for their financial trust in you. When you are clear on your end, you automatically begin to create trust between you and the client when you deliver. Trust turns into returning clients and referrals. Aren’t sure how much to charge? Check out our article on How Much to Charge Clients as a Makeup Artist to help you get started.

Get Organized

Set yourself up for success by creating a system for consistency ahead of time. Establish online scheduling with all time slot availabilities – many sites are free or have minimal maintenance fees. Create a folder for each new client (keep track of personal info to refresh your memory before meeting with them each time so they feel special)! Create email templates to cut down on forming new responses to each inquiry. You can have a professional response for each category, i.e. Bridal, Photographer, Videographer, Fashion Shows, Private Client, etc.

How To Start a Successful MUA Freelance Business 2Build Your Portfolio

Be open to all different types of opportunities. Allow yourself to be challenged with a far range of people and situations. Keep track of what you do, and build your personal portfolio. The more you have to show to potential clients, the more they will trust your ability to accommodate their own needs. Learn How to Create a High Quality Makeup Portfolio here.

Set Ethical Foundation

You decide who you are in life, and this includes how you run your business. Staying in integrity to your word and actions will always pay off much more than cutting corners or walking in grey areas. Set your intention with each client, and be committed to customer service. Listen to their desires, engage with who they truly are and what they are wanting, and remain open to changing your techniques (while staying true to yourself) to make this happen. Be firm on your rules (i.e. cancellation policy), but be human first (use best judgement for reason and time frame). Seeing your heart and your honor as a person, will bring the kind of loyal clients and referrals you ultimately want. You’re creating a name and reputation for yourself – be your own best advertisement.

Network, Network, Network

How To Start a Successful MUA Freelance Business 1Let’s be honest, freelance work is best spread by word of mouth. Get out there and network! Introduce yourself to local bridal shops, fashion agencies, modeling agencies, photographers, local TV stations, etc. Be personable and confident. Be prepared to show them your work and what you have to offer (packages and portfolio!)  Be willing to give them a trial run package, and earn their trust. Create business cards and have them on you at all times. Show up to local networking events. Be PRESENT on social media — Facebook (make sure to seek out local groups for MUA’s), Instagram, maybe your own website. Get creative in where you can show up. Makeup Artists have an interesting role, in that they can be used almost anywhere. Get out there and be your best self – like attracts like. Once you have a connection, STAY CONNECTED. This is where organizational skills come in — create a calendar to reach out to each person and build connection. Networking is the foundation for building relationship. Once relationships are built, it’s your time to shine.

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