See What Our Makeup Course Members Have to Say…

I’m really blown away by the thoroughness and extent of the video tutorials. I’ve never seen anything like these before. If you do happen to love playing with makeup (like me), then you will have trouble pulling yourself away from the screen! – Sharon

Thanks Anneke, I’m learning a lot from you. It’s so much fun to do the makeup and see the end result. Thank you for your awesome makeup tutorials, I’m doing one training video every day – Ivonne

I love this makeup course. It really helped me understand the true concept of makeup. – Ariana

I have enjoyed the online training I have received from Makeup.School. Thanks for providing this service. – Leilani

I loved the makeup course of Makeup.School, I learned so much and I will recommend the course to anyone that wants to pursue a career in makeup or just learn about makeup, it’s an awesome course, I got my certificate as soon as I completed my tests and photos. Makeup.School has great service and I love the makeup kit! Thank you very much. – Yvonne M.

Hi Anneke, thanks for your wonderful videos and the helpful guides on skincare and makeup. – Priscilla

I couldn’t be happier that I’m going to school here! Even though it’s online you learn a lot and the videos and other study materials are great. Being able to study when and where you want is really helpful to those who have kids and/or a job, plus you get a certification you can use to find a job as a Makeup Artist. I’m not done with school yet and already have my own clients coming over to my house. I highly recommend Makeup.School to start or further your Makeup Artistry career!”– Hollie G.

I can proudly say it was an amazing experience to be part of Makeup.School after successfully finishing my course online in 2015. Thank you for the opportunities.”– Anjum B.

This course rocks and I feel soo empowered to finish and start using what Ive learned. Best off, it was very reasonably priced, and I can go at my own pace, which really helps as I have a full-tiime job now. June M.

I love makeup, I like the way of how making myself up and doing my hair makes me feel. I hardly go anywhere without makeup. It just makes me feel pulled together and ready to take on the day and let’s face it, I look way better with it! I’ve really enjoyed the makeup course, I’ve learned a lot, for myself and for others. Thanks Makeup School, it’s been fun and knowledgeable!” -Ashleigh S.

I have been enrolled with Makeup.School for over a month and I am loving it!”-Katie S

Makeup.School covers EVERYTHING in the “beauty” department. Even though it is a makeup course, I learned how to do facials on the first slide show. It broadens your skills and qualifications that you are able to do, so you are not just confined to be able to apply makeup. One thing I love about it is that it explains WHY you are doing these procedures and WHY you need this coloring for this skin type, etc. not just “use this” and “use that”because it looks good! It explains the reason for it, which is what I was so happy with!”–Bobbie H.

So excited, thank you for this opportunity. I learned so much during the course and forever grateful I loved it and learned a lot! I never wore much make up and now I can apply techniques and use different colors, that I never would have thought I could. I would def go back and do it all over again.” -Wendy E.

They have a wealth of information with each module and tutorial.. I love it, it’s helpful with my Business!” -Katherine G.

Notice to all students. All coursework for Makeup.School must be completed on or before October 31, 2019. The course will not be available after November 1, 2019 as we are developing a new course.