The TOP 5 Makeup Trends in Early 2017

It’s 2017 and with a New Year, comes new season’s, new makeup trends, new interests, new levels of confidence and testing the limits. As we move from Winter to Spring, we are seeing everything from glowing clean faces, to bold bright colors making their way into the makeup world. Here are our top 5 early 2017 trends to prepare for when your clients start coming in with the requests!

A big trend hitting this year, especially for Spring, is blush, blush, blush! From heavily applied, to light dustings, blush is making its way into the makeup lovers hearts. You can have an intense pop of pink or a subtle blend from cheek to temple — but stock up your makeup kit with reds, pinks, peaches, orange, and fuchsias for all occasions. With a collective trend, clients will be more comfortable using a pretty AND bold look this year.

bold-lipTo play off of those light or bold cheek bones, BOLD lips are coming in with a vengeance! As a makeup artist, this is fun! You will get to try out all your new lipsticks you always wanted to convince smeone to wear, except this time they will be asking you and hoping you have the colors. Instead of the past taboo of being the unique/odd fashionista, bold lips are being seen as trendy and fun. Clients want to flaunt their stuff! You can go for traditional darks and reds, but untraditional colors are picking up steam as well – blues, purples, hot pinks, metallics, even fluorescent shades are popping up. Add fun to spring – bold lips will vamp up any outfit from pretty flowers to a fierce girls night out.

It seems no matter the year, the smoky dark eyes are always in style. One popular sultry look to make you stand out with your gorgeous face, is adding eyelash extensions with two coats of mascara for a dark, eye lined look, paired with a sheer dark to light brown eyelash and glossy nude lips. You can really play with the eyeshadow by reversing the application where the lid is lighter than the upper brow, instead of reversed. The sultry look is all about accentuating the eyes with that dark lure and almond shape appearance.

2017 is the year of the glow. Even with all the bold, bright looks, a natural glowing face is JUST as in style. Choosing neutral shades, minimal eye makeup, and soft lips while adding a sheen and sheer contouring to the cheeks and structure bring out a beauty and gloss to the raw skin. (Need help learning how to contour? Check out our Best Contouring Tips) The natural glam look is an incredible contrast to a delicate outfit. The glow gives a look of health and vibrancy, bringing the skin to life with a dewy subtle look. Need to spruce up the skin first? We have Winter Skin Care Tips too!

The most outrageous trend we are seeing this year are all about the eyes. From loud lids to extending lines – those fashion show makeup trends are coming to the streets. Get ready for bright yellow, golds, blues, greens, purples to make an appearance surrounding the upper lid and trailing towards the side of the face. Some styles even have the eye shadow extending above the eyebrow, or bringing the color down to outline the lower eyelid. Get ready to mix and match colors, and try it all with the endless possibilities this year brings.

Styles will come and go in 2017, but never be afraid to try something new. Test the limits, let your creative juices flow, and give your clients the best makeup experience of their lives. Most of all, have fun! What you do today determines where we go tomorrow.

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