Winter Skin Care Tips

Ahh, summer. Sun-kissed, natural oils, humidity, and that healthy glowing skin. For a lot of us, skin care just seems easier in the summer — light layers, sunscreen, cooler showers, a nice breeze. By the time we get to winter, we are surprised every year how our skin seems to morph into an almost completely different personality. A personality that we may find a bit annoying and frustrating. But really, we just need to tweak our approach and environment, and you’ll discover that you can find balance with your skin relationship.

This is important as a makeup artist, and you’ll want to educate yourself and your clients on how to take care of their skin. The best makeup artistry is done on the foundation of healthy skin. When the skin is thriving, you will avoid dry patches, creasing, clumps – etc with your makeup. Not to mention it will feel 10x better to have everything go on smooth, and STAY on comfortably.

Unfortunately, winter brings some common skin challenges: dryness, cracking, irritability, itching, flaking, redness. How can you help yourself and your clients? We have some great tips for you!


winter-moisturizerPlease, still shower. But use warm/lukewarm water instead of hot water to reduce drying out your skin. We know it’s cold outside, we know the hot water feels good — but even though it is water, it is actually counterproductive to hydrating your skin. Hot water breaks down lipid barriers in the skin, leading to loss of moisture, as well as dilates the skin’s capillaries in order to cool the body off, resulting in redness.


Repeat this to yourself. Once you finish in the shower, your skin has a period of 3 minutes in which it is holding in more moisture. Pat yourself dry, instead of rubbing off with the towel, and instantly put on the lotion that is best for your body, allowing the opened pores to hydrate and close. Different ages? No problem — we have the Mature Woman covered for skin care too!


This may take some trials and errors, THAT’S OKAY. You can ask a sales rep for advice, but be aware they may not be an expert on good skin care. This would be worth a one time visit to an esthetician or dermatologist to really discover what the best type of products would be for your skin. A few key facts to know: Oils don’t hydrate your skin, but they provide a layer on top of your skin trapping in the hydration that is already there. Some oils are good to layer on, after using another product, for this reason. But be careful, if your skin is sensitive this could cause a break out. Be sure to check ingredients and always choose the most natural products. For dry skin especially, avoid fragrance, as it tends to cause irritation to the skin. You can try out a serum, which is a light, thinner layer applied to the skin for hydration. You could also try a cream to go a little deeper into the skin. This will all be based on your specific skin type, but there IS the right product out there for you.


When it’s cold outside, what do we do? Turn on the heat inside which automatically creates dry air in practically every indoor space. The heat will suck the moisture right out of you – literally. Many times we are in the car, blasting the heat right on our freezing faces in an attempt to warm up — this all adds up to dry skin. You can begin to combat this in your home with a humidifier, or even several humidifiers throughout your living space. If you don’t want to spend money on one, you can fill up a pot with water and let it be on a low heated stove for a couple hours, or sit on top of a radiator in your bedroom. Regardless, adding moisture back into the air will dramatically improve the moisture and comfort of your skin.


hydrate-winter-skinTypically in the winter, our eating habits change. We are more prone to eating fresh fruit, fish, avocado, and other natural oil producing and hydrating foods in the summer/spring. In winter we lean more towards hearty meals. Starches, meat, potatoes, etc. Take a look at your winter diet and take inventory – are you getting enough omega 3 from either fish or supplements? Are you hydrating your body internally with water and juices? Paying attention year round to your health will help you avoid Beauty Blunders That Cause Premature Aging. Add nourishment to your body and your skin will reap the benefits.

It doesn’t have to be summer for you to love the skin you’re in! Embrace winter, snuggle up, enjoy the holidays, and know your skin is feeling smooth and vibrant even with all the change in seasons around you.

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